As we know that 90% of brain development happens till age of 6years, we have designed our Curriculumvery creatively where we focus mostly on 5 major areas like building Intelligence (IQ), EQ enhancements through building strong passions/making habits, Creative thinking(CQ) through Japanese art of schooling,Inter personnel skills (IPS) to develop socially responsible citizen and good Moral Attitudes.

For this age group, we have Courses for Nursery, LKG & UKG kids. These programs are specially designed with unique combination of art of Japanese schooling, Montessori curriculum & unique therapy of music & meditations from Buddha Studies.

The course has been designed with fusion of following Sub-Courses-

Maths Magician program: ​

Starting from basic numbers, addition, subtractions, tables & multiplication, eventually we develop habit how to use in daily life through Mental Maths& abacus

Science Genius Course:

We introduce basic science tools, devices &beautiful Technological innovations. We inspire students to think logically creatively through activities & practical

Flash Reading

Starting from phonetics, we teach students how to read & learn quickly. Eventually, We help kids to develop good read habits & how to develop fastest reading speed with help of speed reading techniques

Art of Mindfulness

We teach how to share, how to be happy & peaceful through meditation, donating activities& yoga ( body& mental health). Our focus is more building good mental health. Our students should get frustrated/ irritated/despair very easily by building patience.

Moral Attitutdes

We give special focus to this course. Because we believe that our kids should live happy, healthy social life. They should think about others.So, we designed special activity workbook to develop good moral habits through various activities &homework based course

Logical and Critical Reasoning

To develop problem solving attitude, we train kids how to face real life Inter personnel problems, issues, games, puzzles to develop critical reasoning

Inter Personnel skills (IPS): How to Talk?

To Match with global work culture demands, we encourage our kids to develop inter personnel skills though How to talk class, Story telling activity, acting classes, public speaking, Team activities like Praising, thanking others, Cultural events, etc

3 to 6 Year Age Group


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