We have many future skills programs specially designed for school children from 1st- 9类. These courses will upskill students to increase effectiveness/skillfulness for current market job demands.

You can join either individual or combination of any of following courses.

Course Durations : 1- 12 month

NOTE: Course pattern & content varies based on how much you know from the school.

Maths Magician program:

Starting from basic numbers, addition, subtractions, tables & multiplication, eventually we develop habit how to use in daily life through Mental Maths& 算盘. We will mathematical aptitudes, quantitative techniques, data interpretation, 数字游戏, number puzzles, 等. we will teach how to increase calculation speed, ancient Buddhist mathematics from Takshashila and Nalanda Buddhist Universities curriculum, 等 Course pattern & content varies based on how much you know mathematics.

Science Genius Course:

We introduce basic science tools, devices & beautiful Technological innovations. We inspire students to think logically creatively through activities & 实用. We teach various upcoming technologies, engineering innovations, coding, software’s, 等. We teach how to set up your own laboratory& how to do research, how to experiments. We also provide Mentorships with respective field experts & 科学家们.

Flash Reading

Starting from phonetics, we teach students how to read & learn quickly. Eventually, We help kids to develop good read habits & how to develop fastest reading speed with help of speed reading techniques. We teach principles of reading, effective reading comprehension techniques, how to build vocabulary, how to read poems, 艺术 & 文学.

Creative Writing

We teach how to write, how to decide target writing, advertisement writing, article writing, 写首诗, story writing, 等

Art of Mindfulness

We teach how to share, how to be happy & peaceful through meditation, donating activities & 瑜伽(身体& mental health). Our focus is more building good mental health. Our students should get frustrated/ irritated/despair very easily by building patience.

Memory Power Techniques/how to study techniques:

We teach various memory power techniques, study effectiveness tools, how to remember new language & impressive vocabulary, how to increase concentration & focus listening, 等

Moral Attitudes: ( Character Building)

We give special focus to this course. 因为, though some children are very intelligent, but morally weak can leads to find out short cuts/ cheap methods for success by harming others and eventually end up in very character. This finally leads to very unhappy life for family, friends & surroundings too. No one gives high importance to the moral building. But we give highest importance to Moral attitudes & character building.We believe that our student should think about others, should be rational thinkers, helpful & kind to others. They should be away from bad habits/addictions. So, we designed special activity based program to develop good moral habits.

Logical Critical Reasoning:

To develop problem solving attitude, we train kids how to face real life Inter personnel problems, 问题, 游戏, puzzles to develop critical reasoning. We teach logical reasoning, critical & analytical reasoning for various competitive exams, 游戏 to build critical reasoning.

Inter Personnel skills (IPS): How to Talk?

To Match with global work culture demands, we encourage our kids to develop inter personnel skills though How to talk class, Story telling activity, 代理 classes, public speaking, Team activities like Praising, thanking others, Cultural events, 等

编码 & Artificial Intelligence: -

We teach coding courses like Java, python, salesforce, SAP coding, C++, & logical coding 游戏 how to develop creative APP, artificial Intelligence basics, 等

Microsoft Xcel & power Point Course:

These are vary useful tools in various corporate jobs & school projects. So we teach how to use excel in Microsoft Excel & power point with various hidden features.

电影制作 & movie Editing:

We teach story selection, 方向, video shooting, 代理, 视频编辑, film launch through platform, film promotions, 等

Digital marketing and Social media Earning skills:

We teach Various digital marketing skills & social media skills to get earnings.

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